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Rosa B.



I Am A Blessed Rose,

Thank You for your interest in my Gifts, Works and Missions. 

I Am My Own Muse; Journeying through country upbringing, island living, struggles of fitting into a racial world, growing beyond expectations, checking dreams on my wish lists off and celebrating victories I never imagined for my world/s. Yet I did this all in one lifetime by utilizing the highest expressions of Light-Worker a spiritual creative can tap into. Engraving my works in the Art, Fashion, Music, Business, Wellness and Lifestyle/Culture to solidify my motion forward to the success layers I deserve and desire to see in humanity. To be quite real; My Grandmother Marva (A True Jamaican Empress) believes I Am Ms. Universe already and recognizes me for the changes I make around my world daily. Therefore, my creative ripple will be welcomed, practiced or spoken of in someone's life, brand/s, business/s, career/s and much more. Because I Believe In Togetherness, I plan to assist or guide your business needs as much as I can to get you to that space beyond the "What If's" or "What Do I Do Now".

You can always find me, By The Production's.
                                                                               What Do You Do? 
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Rosa B.




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Photo By : RoRo

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